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Adoption: The Making of Me

Louise Browne & Sarah Reinhardt

Two adult adoptees, Sarah Reinhardt and Louise Browne, delve into all things adoption - from their perspectives as adult adoptees, to DNA testing, to nature vs. nurture and beyond. Adoption has many layers, but one of the biggest curiosities to adoptees when growing up is - why am I the way I am? From physical qualities to personality traits, it’s all an unknown until, and if, the day comes when adoptees and biological families meet. Sarah and Louise, two former business partners who had a successful ice cream truck in Los Angeles, team up again - this time in frank and honest conversations about all things adoption. Both were adopted shortly after birth, but they had very different experiences. Each episode, Sarah and Louise will discuss a chapter from THE PRIMAL WOUND by Nancy Newton Verrier, and then interview other adoptees, along with biological parents who gave their kids up for adoption, adoptive parents, and siblings from both. These will be intimate conversations, but also fun - because Sarah and Louise know how to lighten things up and have a good time. They also have an uncanny ability to get to the heart of a subject with anyone that crosses their path - so conversations will take many turns. Buckle up and come along for the ride!