Adoption: The Making of Me

S2 Ep. 7: Emma

April 19, 2022 Louise Browne & Sarah Reinhardt Season 2 Episode 7
Adoption: The Making of Me
S2 Ep. 7: Emma
Show Notes

In this episode, Sarah and Louise discuss Chapter  Seven  of  “Journey of The Adopted Self” by Betty Jean Lifton and then they speak to Emma Stevens.

Emma Stevens is a U.S. domestic adoptee from birth and has survived layers of trauma that have put her on multiple journeys. She developed the inner strength and courage to surmount the many struggles she faced. Her traumas were born from being an adoptee who struggled with being forced to wear an impossible mask of playing the part of the “good adopted child.” Because being relinquished and adopted has colored her life, it’s Emma’s desire to be part of the movement that is dedicated to helping bring forth change to the way our world views the needs and support of adopted individuals. She believes strongly in adoptees finding their voice and discovering their truth to have a solid sense of self and to reclaim their identities. Through telling her story, Emma is dedicated to help redefine the narrative of adoption to include the entire complex truth.

THE GATHERING PLACE by Emma Stevens on Amazon 
This memoir is Emma Stevens’ first book. She has an undergraduate degree in journalism and has completed Master’s level course work in psychology, specializing in Marriage, Family, and Child counseling. She has two adult children and two cat children who she adores.

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