Adoption: The Making of Me

A Daughter Connects with her Father

July 12, 2022 Louise Browne & Sarah Reinhardt Season 2 Episode 13
Adoption: The Making of Me
A Daughter Connects with her Father
Show Notes

After being taken away from her birth parents as a baby by the state, and adopted out of foster care at age 4, singer-songwriter Jenni Alpert (aka birth name: Cami) decided to go searching for her birth father. After weeks undercover on the street of LA, she finally found him homeless, addicted, and running from the law, yet a musician, just like her. Ultimately she guides him out of the legal system and off of the streets becoming his advocate and shadow adopting him into her life, cultivating an inspiring transformation as Don transitions from self identified vagrant to self esteemed volunteer with the music they share in their extraordinary partnership founded on unconditional love. 

To find Jenni / Cami and her amazing story & music you can find her on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter as: : @jennialpert @camianddon

Also in this episode, Sarah and Louise discuss B.J. Lifton's Journey of the Adopted Self.

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