Adoption: The Making of Me

S2 Ep. 15: Jeff

August 09, 2022 Louise Browne & Sarah Reinhardt Season 2 Episode 15
Adoption: The Making of Me
S2 Ep. 15: Jeff
Show Notes

In this episode, Sarah and Louise discuss Chapter Fifteen of  “Journey of The Adopted Self” by Betty Jean Lifton and then they speak to Jeff Forney.

Jeff Forney was born in San Francisco and raised in the East Bay town of Moraga, CA. 
A photographer based in Los Angeles, he has been working on a documentary filming interviews of adoptees in reunion.

As Jeff says, ‘Finding your birth parents is the base camp of Mt. Everest, now you have to climb the bitch’.

His goal is to take the stigma out of adoption, help adoptees identify with others' stories, and through that, restore power that had been buried and forgotten.

My life is not better because someone adopted me, my life is different. Adoption can multitask. She is many things at once. So are we. We are the bastards, the unwanted, the surrendered, the saved, the chosen, the rescued, the loved, and the forsaken. Allow us our entirety.   -Mindy Stern-

Jeff can be found here: Jeff Forney Photographer

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