Adoption: The Making of Me

S3 Ep. 1: Bob

October 04, 2022 Louise Browne & Sarah Reinhardt Season 3 Episode 1
Adoption: The Making of Me
S3 Ep. 1: Bob
Show Notes

In this episode, Sarah and Louise start off their Season Three with a discussion of their first adoptee memoir in a three-part series. They discuss "The Mistress's Daughter" by A.M. Homes. Then they speak with Bob Guyer.

Bob was born in 1953 and stayed for four days with his biological mother, and was adopted after a few months in foster care. He learned he was adopted at eight years old but didn’t think much of it until he went through a breakup and re-experienced his separation from his biological mother. Shortly before his 52nd birthday, he began a process of imaginative dialog with his feelings and that led to the healing of his Primal Wound. He has since found his biological relatives and remains in reunion.

The Mistress's Daughter by A.M. Homes

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