Adoption: The Making of Me

S3 Ep. 2: Koko

October 18, 2022 Louise Browne & Sarah Reinhardt Season 3 Episode 2
Adoption: The Making of Me
S3 Ep. 2: Koko
Show Notes

In this episode, Sarah and Louise continue Season Three with a discussion of the first adoptee memoir in a three-part series. First up is "The Mistress's Daughter" by A.M. Homes. They then speak with Nikole Shaw.

Nikole Shaw also known as " Koko" in the online community was born in Hawaiian Gardens, California, growing up in the suburbs of Orange County.  Adopted as an infant, she is a black domestic adoptee who spent a large part of her life in a small town called Brea. Koko received her Bachelors of Science from San Jose State University and is currently working for the Department of Public Health San Francisco as a mental health professional.  Koko is mostly known in the adoptee community as " @theblackadoptea" and spends her time advocating for and creating content for the adoptee community.  She has a passion for spoken word and is also a writer who is in the process of completing her first children's book about adoption. Koko continues to share her adoption journey with the world and is reunion with her biological family from Belize.   

The Mistress's Daughter by A.M. Homes

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