Adoption: The Making of Me

When a Seeker Turns into a Guide

November 29, 2022 Louise Browne & Sarah Reinhardt Season 3 Episode 5
Adoption: The Making of Me
When a Seeker Turns into a Guide
Show Notes

Daryn Watson is a Canadian-born Domestic Adult Adoptee who began his adoption reunion journey in 1995 after locating his maternal family in Canada. Daryn uses his 25+ years of experience in reunion to guide other adoptees through their adoption reunion journeys. Daryn is a contributing author to two books on adoption:

  • “The Adoptee Survival Guide” edited by Lynn Grubb  
  • “Flip the Script: Adult Adoptee Anthology with Diane Rene Christianson.

Daryn also has a blog on Facebook and IG “@TheAdopteeMind”
Daryn is a Certified Life Coach for Adoptees, Birth/First Parents and others who have been affected by adoption.

You can find Daryn on his website “” or email him directly at

Website:Home - Adoption Reunion Coaching | Home - Adoption Reunion Coaching

Also in this episode, Sarah and Louise discuss Am Homes' The Mistress's Daughter.

If you'd like to read along with Sarah and Louise, go here: The Mistress's Daughter by A.M. Homes

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