Adoption: The Making of Me. An Oral History of Adoptee Stories

Elle: For This Adoptee, the Truth Led to an Awakening

September 12, 2023 Louise Browne & Sarah Reinhardt Season 4 Episode 14
Adoption: The Making of Me. An Oral History of Adoptee Stories
Elle: For This Adoptee, the Truth Led to an Awakening
Show Notes

Elle Klassen is a Canadian who was born to a young woman of nineteen years of age in 1970. She was relinquished and then placed with her adoptive family when she was five days old. She grew up in a very conservative Canadian evangelical family where adoption was spoken of as God's plan. Much of her religious background didn't sit well with her, including the narrative around adoption. As an adopted person whose big goal in life was to fly under the radar as much as she could, she never challenged the common narrative surrounding adoption that she grew up with. Several years ago she did a DNA test on a whim & with a hint of morbid curiosity. She wanted to know if her adoption information had been falsified as so many others in the baby scoop had been. As a result, she was reunited with her first family on both her maternal, and paternal sides. Digging for truth led to seeing relinquishment, and adoption as complicated, traumatic events in a child's life. The repercussions of this reach into adulthood, and can never be fully dealt with until it is seen for what it is whether someone has had a "good" adoption or not. Truthful conversations about adoption have become her passion. She now co-hosts the podcast "Pulled by the Root" to help facilitate the conversation about relinquishment & adoption, showcasing the voices of those adopted people, and first parents, who have been previously silenced in favor of perpetuating the idea that adoption is not a trauma or a system of belief that should not be challenged.

To go directly to Elle's interview, you can just go to timestamp: 11:15.

Also in this episode, Sarah and Louise discuss the final chapter of American Baby by Gabrielle Glaser.

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