Adoption: The Making of Me. An Oral History of Adoptee Stories

Jane: A Late Reunion Brings Family and Answers

January 09, 2024 Louise Browne & Sarah Reinhardt Season 6 Episode 3
Adoption: The Making of Me. An Oral History of Adoptee Stories
Jane: A Late Reunion Brings Family and Answers
Show Notes

Jane is a baby scoop-era adoptee born in 1963 in Delaware to a 14 yr. old mother. After being in foster care for the first 10 months she was adopted and raised by two wonderful parents in Pennsylvania.

Shortly after her 2nd birthday, her parents gave birth to a biological son. 

Jane always knew she was adopted and wondered where she came from but never wanted or needed to search. But, at the age of 58, after both adoptive parents passed, she did a DNA test as well as some other searching. She found that sadly, her birth mother had been deceased for 20 years.  Unable to get to know her, it gave her the urge to search and find out whatever else she could.  She discovered that she has six half-siblings. In finding one of the siblings, she found her birth father, with whom she never thought possible. 

Jane has been reunited with five of the six siblings, as well as her birth father, numerous aunts, and a cousin.

Jane owns and operates a cleaning business and still resides in Pennsylvania with her partner and 3 cats.

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