Adoption: The Making of Me

S1 Ep. 10: Damon

September 21, 2021 Season 1 Episode 10
Adoption: The Making of Me
S1 Ep. 10: Damon
Show Notes

In this episode, Sarah and Louise discuss Chapter Ten of  “The Primal Wound” by Nancy Newton Verrier and then they speak to Damon L. Davis.

Damon L. Davis is the host and producer of the podcast,  "Who Am I Really?" ( where adoptees tell their own stories of adoption and share their experiences attempting reunion with their birth families. He has interviewed over 150 adoptees from a diverse range of adoption experiences.  In his autobiography "Who Am I Really? - An Adoptee Memoir" Damon shares his journey to becoming an adoptive parent and his emotions over the birth of his natural son, Seth. Damon opens up about the heartbreak of grappling with his adoptive mother's mental illness while balancing the joy of locating his birth mother. His journey takes a twist when he finds his biological father via DNA testing.

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